Based on the 1954 Hague Convention and 1970 UNESCO Convention, cultural properties are items/ evidence or visible expression of cultural heritage – that have inherent values and cannot be updated, but not limited to: art works, historical buildings, archaeology, museums, archives, and sacred sites (temples, mosques, churches, and other special places). History has proven that the existence of cultural properties has been on the verge of extinction. Cultural properties are cultural heritage full of important information from the beginning of human existence, history, and culture in a traditional setting. Thus, it becomes important to pay attention to some aspects related to the protection or conservation of the cultural heritage. The Cultural Property, Tourism and Heritage Studies cluster focuses its interest on the effort to conserve, promote, and collect data of cultural heritage.

Head: Nindya Sari | Members: Faidlal Rachman, I Wayan Suyadnya, Iwan Nurhadi