The Religion and Indigenous cluster is engaged in a framework for understanding culture and religion based on the thought of Clifford Geertz. Geertz in his Religion as a Cultural System understands religion as a cultural dimension. He tries to explain what is meant by religion from Indonesian perspective. The division basically works to build a view that culture can be described as “a pattern of cultural meanings or ideas in the form of symbols (as a sign) and with the symbols, they carry the knowledge of life and express their consciousness through symbols”. This division looks at how the socio-political-historical religion emerged and is integral to the lives of Indonesian people from inter/multidisciplinary points of view. The main study of this division is to build understanding through research with the specifications of (1) the meaning, (2) symbols, (3) knowledge, and (4) the expression of consciousness in understanding religion as reality.

Head: Hipolitus K. Kewuel | Members: Ary Budiyanto, I Nyoman Nurjaya, Ika Nurhayani, Yuventia Pransisca