We emphasize working closely with our clients and partners to create the most effective research designs that produce valuable scientific findings. We believe that strong working relationships are key to providing the highest quality research services.
CCFS provides a variety of applied research services, including:

Development of Initial Information (database) :
Collecting, storing, organizing, managing information needed for the organization. Updating, uploading, and publishing information

Quantitative and Qualitative Data Collection Methods

Training :
Training of empowering and handling frontier community towards government institution, local communities, researchers and Intensive course.

Seminar and Workshop :
Conducting activities and disseminating knowledge in the form of seminars on related and latest issues. Conducting Workshop and organizing International Conference with specific and thematic issues related to the study centre.

Research Development and Design :
Collaboration of internal, external inter-researcher, multidisciplinary and international collaborative research, and Needs assessments. Developing research goals, specific aims and objectives. Developing study designs. Selecting appropriate methods and timelines. Designing and developing data collection instruments.